Getting Here

Get to Maizuru

Access by Rail*Times are approximate
1 hour 40 minutes from Kyoto by San-in Main Line and Maizuru Line (Express)
2 hours 20 minutes from Osaka via Kyoto
Access by Highway Bus*Times are approximate
1 hour 50 minutes direct from Kyoto
2 hours 10 minutes from Osaka (Umeda)
2 hours 10 minutes from Osaka (Namba)
2 hours directly from Kobe (Sannomiya)
Access by Car*Distances are approximate
100 km from Kyoto by Kyoto Jokan Expressway and Maizuru Wakasa Expressway
130km from Osaka by Chugoku Expressway, and Maizuru Wakasa Expressway
190km from Nagoya by Nagoya Expressway, Hokuriku Expressway, and Maizuru Wakasa Expressway

Get around in Maizuru

by Rail
JR West JR West Customer Center0570-00-2486Web site
Kyoto Tango Railway Nishi Maizuru Station0773-75-8606Web site
Highway Bus
and Bus
Kyoto Transportation (Maizuru Office) 0773-75-5000Web site
Highway Bus Reservation Center0773-76-8800
Nihon Kotsu Taxi (Higashi-Maizuru) 0773-62-3535
Nihon Kotsu Taxi (Nishi-Maizuru) 0773-75-1188
Kyoto Taxi (Higashi-Maizuru) 0773-62-1414
Kyoto Taxi (Nishi-Maizuru) 0773-75-1414
Car Rentals
ORIX Rent-a-Car Nishi-Maizuru0773-77-0039Web site
ORIX Rent-a-Car Higashi-Maizuru0773-64-0039Web site
J-NET Rent-a-Car Kyoto Kita0773-78-2266Web site
Toyota Rental Lease Kyoto Maizuru0773-75-8100Web site
Maizuru Tourism Station (Nishi-Maizuru Station 1F)Web site